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In Which Projection-Zilla Leaves Fucktardia

Who knows what was in the tiny, nearly imperceptible heart of Projection-Zilla the day she left Fucktardia. Surely it was some primal, ancient urge that caused her to actually feel some of the pain she’d caused her scapegoat. This pain was unacceptable to her as she stood primping in the mirror, and later arrived late,… Continue reading In Which Projection-Zilla Leaves Fucktardia

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This Shit is Hard

One thing I’ve started doing again is “trigger sheets” that my therapist had developed and given to her clients. The gist of the sheets is to look at your behaviors as triggered by the behavior of another person. No where do triggers reside more strongly than in interpersonal relationships. As repetition compulsion rears its head,… Continue reading This Shit is Hard