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Breaking Up on Fuck It Mountain

Fucktards. We all know them, have encountered them, have worked with them. Call them assholes, dickless, lame…they are all fucktards at heart. Meaning, their emotional intelligence and care about others is severely retarded and irreversibly impaired, leaving others seriously fucked in dealing with their messes. Fucktards. They are basically big toddlers with their thumbs in their mouths, crying about not getting their way when their thumbs are removed.

When one has divorced or broken up with a fucktard, there are stages that happen. The first stage is the “MOTHERFUCKER!!!!! Stage”.  This is the stage where you aren’t sure that this person is really a fucktard, but you are aware that everything this person has said or done to you is FUCKED UP. Seriously fucked up. And, it is fucked up because of what this person did to you. And you, trying to be nice, give the benefit of the doubt, giving all your love and time and trying to work through fights. What you got back was a big fat zilch.

It made you ANGRY. It turned you into society’s idea of a bitch, a cunt, a whore…when you were simply reacting to the fucktard’s actions. You wanted someone to come fuck that motherfucker up the ASS. You wanted to call everyone in the world and make them see what a stupid fuck he is.

While you were being blinded by your anger, you did not realize at the time that what happened was that you WOKE THE FUCK up. And, for that reason, Psycholobitch believes HE GAVE YOU A GIFT.

That leads to the next stage. The “I’m fucked” stage. You even spend some time on fuck-it mountain and do things like date boys that are even worse, or drink too much, or hide behind a busy work and social life, or buy a bunch of shit you don’t even need. And it’s true. You are seriously fucked, especially if you divorced a fucktard who likes to keep you in court for years. Yep. You’re fucked. Fucked means you can’t change the SITUATION. In order to change, you have to feel totally, completely, and utterly fucked. Fucked up, fucked over, fucked in the ass. There is your truth. That is true! You ARE totally fucked.

This is also where you cry a lot. Once you realize how fucked you are by this fucktard and how you have even fucked yourself, you have to cry. A LOT.

This crying leads to the next stage: “Down From the Mountain”. That’s where you look at what has happened: you got mad, you got sad, you acted out, and now it’s time to take the next step. The first step down fuck-it mountain is the most courageous. It means you finally take your own precious cunt in your OWN hands. It means some fucktard doing his fucktard thing and fucktard manipulations and holding stubbornly to his fucktard ways is of no concern to you. You have your own precious CUNT to save. And in doing so, you commit to saving your soul by becoming a total bitch.

The last stage is the Total Bitch stage and this stage lasts the rest of your life. In order to become a Total Bitch, you must reclaim any shred of power you gave to Fucktard. That is another post.

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