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Huh? Why Psycholobitch?

What the hell is a “Psycholobitch”?, you might ask.
Our mission is about becoming strong and not letting our experiences define us as victims. We have been through some major shit in our lives, shit that left us breathless, totally fucked, and saying, “what the hell???” through our tears and pain.
It is a play on “psycho bitch”, that most derogatory of terms meant to demonize and suppress a woman’s anger. No. Just no. A “psycholobitch” is THINKING woman. When she sees something that is fucked up, she acknowledges it. She learns how to not blame herself and be victimized by the actions of fucktards, or when others have total fucktard moments. She does this through being SMART and expressing herself freely. She is in charge of her own life and uses both the science of psychology AND her wounds to become stronger and heal.
What about words like, “cunt”, “bitch”, and “whore”?
It is our hope we can debate the use of those words freely, but with the understanding that we wish to be the agents of our own lives, and wish that for you, too. This means that any derogatory term given a woman can be redefined. While it might be worth the effort to squash those terms, it might also be worth the effort to say, “no. It means what *I* say it means.” There is GREATNESS in a woman’s sexuality, anger, and seat of creativity. These forces are demonized out of fear. Take the fear away by completely accepting these aspects of who you are, and do not let them be demonized.
Your precious CUNT is the seat of your power. When someone calls you a “cunt”, it is most likely because you stood up for yourself or did not allow mistreatment or held your ground. This is where your creativity and conviction reside. When your inner cunt arises, she has the discernment to know what action must be taken. Cunt away, I say, bitches.
Being a total BITCH simply means you can give names and context to your feelings. It means you have every right to be angry. When your inner bitch arises, it is because she KNOWS deep down that something is FUCKED UP and action must be taken. But a bitch doesn’t back down or let someone walk on her. She holds the standard for mutual, respectful relationships.
Being a whore simply means that it is ok to be a sexual woman. It does not mean you buy into common culture’s idea of objectifying a woman. We cannot even get to a healthy sexuality when we are told we are some dude’s sperm receptacle. No. We are sexual, sensual beings with desire and needs and longings. It goes into rape culture as well, since there STILL exists totally fucked-up attitudes like, “she wore a miniskirt, so she was asking for it.” The “it” she was asking for was respect, dudes!
A healthy sexuality means that while you might use your sexuality while on fuck-it mountain, at some point you decide to use your sexuality to empower you rather than bring you down.
Cunt-bitch-whore: the sacred trinity of PSYCHOLOBITCH. We think for ourselves and no shit-for-brains asshole is going to change that.

Also, psycholobitch will NEVER come cussing on your blog. This is our sacred space to honor all emotions the way we see fit. We completely respect comment decorum.

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