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Life After A Fucktard

I’m inspired by my colleague’s description of breaking up on fuck it mountain.  Having spent quite a bit of time on that mountain, I’m somewhere in between the last 2 stages.  Being familiar with other models demonstrating stages of grief, this is my favorite.  Fuck It Mountain offers a metaphor for the healing process and frankly I think it is fucking genius.  So how does one navigate the vast emotions that come along with acceptance?  How does one attempt to grieve all the loss associated with the realization that you have wasted so much time and energy with a fucktard?  Well bitches, you don’t do it alone and you don’t do it nicely.  When you have been on fuck it mountain as long as I, you learn some truths about yourself and I’m here to tell you, there is life after a fucktard.  It may not be the life you envisioned and it may not be the life you thought you were supposed to have, but it is the only life you have.  Since that fucktard gave you a gift, get clear on what that gift is and learn how to appreciate it.  Life after a fucktard entails staying connected to fuck it mountain.  After all, you have climbed it, you have explored every crevice, and you have stood at the top trying to gain the courage to jump.  You have jumped off, landed in fucking quick sand and nearly died.  You have somehow pulled yourself out so don’t lose sight of that mountain.  We need fuck it mountain bitches.  So how do we begin to reclaim our lives after being with a fucktard?  First, don’t even try to pretend that you can skip the anger.  Saying things like “they are not even worth my anger,” is ok but you have to figure out a way to stay in touch with the anger.  You should now be aware that you are a fucking magnet for fucktards which will require that you change your role in the game.  No longer can you accept or tolerate any form of manipulation.  Fucktard or not, people try to get what they want.  You cannot allow this to be at your expense ever again.  I’m not saying you don’t give people chances, but you must be firm and direct in what you will accept from others.  To reclaim your life after being with a fucktard, you must be willing to go back to fuck it mountain.  Fuck it mountain allows us to be bold, courageous, and strong. Just because we didn’t take care of ourselves on that mountain in the past does not mean we can’t do it differently now.  Some will call you an angry bitch, slut, whore, or cunt.  Embrace those names bitches.  Embrace your inner slut or whore, and honor your cunt.  Don’t stick around just because someone knows how to make you cum or because you’re afraid to be alone.  You’re not alone and you can make yourself cum.  There IS life after a fucktard.  You may find yourself thinking, “I don’t want to live my life as a total bitch.”  That’s ok, just keep reading.  Psycholobitch will be here when you’re ready.





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