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America is Enabling a Deadbeat


This morning my little one insisted on bringing his charger to his fully charged electronic device to his summer camp.  When I questioned him he said, “it’s in case someone else forget theirs.”  I paused as I searched for a response and finally told him that while I knew his heart was in the right place, I didn’t want him to start doing so much for others that they came to expect things from him.  Projecting my own shit onto my son, I told him to be careful that he didn’t grow up to only have friends who wanted things from him.  He said, ” If I do, I’ll just tell them to get a life.”  This boy is wise beyond his years.

Later while watching “The Donald” accept the Republican nomination, I suddenly wondered about my earlier conversation with my boy.  It was followed by a discussion of how he thought he might want to be a Walmart greeter when he got older.  I found myself wanting to squash that dream quickly and tell him how smart he was and how he would go to college and do great things.  I again paused, thought about his beautiful heart and how he might grow up with different dreams and aspirations from his mother.  I told him whatever he chooses to do to make sure it makes him happy.  He seemed satisfied and we carried on with our morning routine.

While watching Donald Trump, I read a blurb from my esteemed colleague called “Enabling a deadbeat.”  As I watched the masses in the audience hanging on his every word and cheering loudly, it hit me.  America is enabling a deadbeat!  Trump owes everyone money.  He has been cited for 24 Fair Labor Standards Act violations since 2005, failed to pay overtime, minimum wage and hundreds of people for their work.  According to the USA Today Network, more than 3500 lawsuits have been filed over the last three decades against this man and his companies.  Donald Trump is by far the leader of the personal responsibility deadbeats.  This man has used the laws to his advantage to build his empire.  He has borrowed tons of money and never paid it back because it was discharged into four corporate bankruptcies.  It’s ironic to say the least that he is leading the party that has positioned itself as the party of self responsibility.

So why am I bitching about “The Donald?”  I’m thinking all this enabling deadbeats bullshit transcends gender.  When I think about my little boy growing up, I’m glad he’s wise enough to know to tell a deadbeat to “get a life.”  But if the deadbeat has power and lots of money, he will likely be at his mercy.  I am enraged that Americans are putting themselves at the mercy of a man like Donald Trump.  I’m more enraged watching the flawless and carefully put together women on stage with him.  These are the women in his family who will go to any length to support him.  It’s no news flash that money and power can blind a woman from the truth.  It seems to be like a drug of sorts causing us to dress and act in whatever way ensures our status.  We become whores, losing our souls in the process.  Just like a whore who has lost her soul, I feel frozen and powerless to do a damned thing about it.  I guess I’ll just keep writing.

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