Therapitize Yourself

While discussing some probably inappropriate work issues with my 7 year old and informing him that I was fired by not one but 2 clients recently, he says “well good luck finding a better therapist.”  He later told me again how good I was at my job and said I should “do therapy on myself.”  I asked him to tell me more and he said “for that crying problem you have.”  My heart sank as I realized he has seen his mother do her fair share of crying.   As I have had to learn to do, I resisted my urge to do  anything more than enourage his own expression of feeling. What came next further enforced my belief in what I have been telling him…..he has mad life smarts.

He told me that everytime he sees me cry, he hurts inside.  It was such a great reminder to keep doing all I can to heal and grow from my own pain.  It also reinforced my motivation for self care as that could help reduce my frequent crying spells.  He also spurred my curiousity about doing therapy by ourselves. Psycholobitch has grown out of a desire to help others with their own healing through reading and self reflection.  We want others to feel a sense of connection without necessarily having to sit down in front of another or spilling all your deepest and darkest secrets.  Psycholobitch does hope that by spilling some of our deepest and darkest secrets, you won’t have to.  Perhaps if you can relate and experience others putting it out there, you can be more open in your own life with supportive sisters who honor the power in your ability to be a bitch, to express all your feelings with no apologies, and in the process therapitize yourself.

Life smarts are about taking life as it comes.  It’s about knowing how to feel and express emotions and making no apologies for them.  Life smarts are about surrounding yourself with people who help you become more comfortable with the power within you and sometimes taking some risks.  Do you have a skill, product or craft that you would like to share on Psycholobitch.com?   We would welcome the opportunity to help you market or share your talents whatever they may be.  There is no cost or commitments; just the ability to take a leap of faith and trust a couple of bitches you have never met.   Send us an email with a brief description or picture.  We will brainstorm and get back with you quickly with a plan.

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