Eating for Healing

Part of healing trauma is paying attention to the practical parts of life. Trauma disorganizes and scatters so many pieces of your life, it’s a re-learning how to do basic things like clean and organize your house, schedule yourself in a way that is not harmful, have meaningful work in the world, and of course, move and nourish your body. Self-care starts with what I call Earth activities: things that are basic to your daily existence.

To that end, Psycholobitch will feature weekly recipes designed to nourish your body, heart, and soul, and the Earth: Psycholobites. We will offer tips for meal planning, ingredients, and nutritional advice along the way. Healthful eating has always been important to me, but I didn’t realize how connected it could be to healing until I read THIS article. I can always up my game and be healthier.

First recipe: a vegan spring soup. It’s delicious and with the addition of turmeric and gingeer, you pack a double-punch against inflammation. I used powdered turmeric and ginger because that is what I had, but I would prefer to grate fresh roots into my soup.

I cook intuitively, and soups leave plenty of room for improvisation. So this is more of a road map than and actual recipe. Enjoy nourishing your body.


You need:

2-4 leeks

a couple handfuls of raw cashews

coconut oil-about a tablespoon or two



salt and pepper to taste

pinch of nutmeg

2-4 celery stalks

To make the soup, saute the cashews and chopped leeks and celery in the coconut oil. When they are relatively wilted, scoop them into a blender. You could also add water into your pot and use a hand blender. Add water-just eyeball how much, then the turmeric and ginger. If you feel yourself getting a cold, put extra ginger in there. Blend everything until it is super smooth, add salt, pepper, and a pinch of nutmeg. Adjust seasonings as you like. Heat again and enjoy slowly, with grace and gratitude.

Bitches know how to take care of themselves, oh yes they do.

xo, Psycholobitch

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