Resting Bitch Face

Today on Psycholobitch, we are all going to practice “Resting Bitch Face.” Are you ready?

First of all, scrunch your face up all the way, like you are wringing out a washcloth. Fold your eyebrows together, pucker your lips while you try to make them angry, squeeze your cheeks, and squint your eyes hard. Think of all the bad things Fucktards do in the world. Get very angry and feel it. Clench your fists and notice how it feels wanting to hit something. Tense your whole body until you are shaking, seething. Let your breathing become rapid.

Then release.

Close your eyes and watch the fucktards float away as if by some miracle. See them released into the sky like balloons, or for me, like stunt men falling off tall buildings or you know the part in the Titanic where all the people were falling and jumping off the ship? Yes, that. Fucktards overboard, off your face, out of your head, far away from your heart. They can take their hurtful deeds with them.

Then breathe. Smile. Know that you can trust in God, your intuition, your perception, and the truth of what you know to guide you. Feel what it is like to be strong and able to handle any floods of grief that rise up. In your mind, gather all the people in your life who are supportive, who affirm you, who love you. Thank those people…thank God…even thank the fucktards. And love yourself for coming so far, for devotion to healing.

Then you have Resting Bitch Face. Resting in truth, in the light of Love, in grace.

Let’s all practice glowing with it often.

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