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Psycholobites: Smoothies


I’ve been keeping my eye on inflammation. As I age and my body changes, I need to adapt what I am doing. Inflammation was an issue for me until I started eating vegan and my hip pain went away. Yoga has helped too.

At least one doctor believes there is a connection between mental health and what we eat. It makes total sense to me. The danger is ignoring that trauma is a very real reason for depression, and being un-mourned leaves you also un-healed, and therefore, more susceptible to illness.

All that aside, taking care of my body post-trauma has been important. Food has had so many emotional connections for me, as it does for all of our culture. My grandmother swears she’d have to feed me two jars of baby food in the middle of the night if I cried. I know there was a lot of sad darkness going on during that time in my life, so food became an issue. I’ve struggled with overeating and have tried every kind of diet. When I got pregnant for the first time, twenty-six years ago, and was eating for two, I cleaned up my diet and have been interested in the healing effects of food ever since. I’ve studied macrobiotics, Weston Price, raw food, and every shade of vegetarianism there is.  Cooking is magical for me, for the ability of a chopping board and a pile of vegetables to soothe is not to be underestimated.

It’s a way of loving your body and a way out of dissociation. If you can tune in to what your body wants and needs to eat, you can tune in to what your psyche wants and needs emotionally. Self-care is really self-responsibility.

So, all that to say, lately I’ve been on an anti-inflammatory smoothie kick. Blueberries with vegan protein powder and coconut milk, spinach, and honey was more like a dessert. I had to try something new. This one is much cheaper and packs an anti-inflammatory wallop.

In a blender, throw in a pre-frozen banana, one cucumber, a peeled and diced knob of ginger root, a small peeled and diced knob of fresh turmeric root or you can use a couple of teaspoons of turmeric powder, two teaspoons spirulina powder, water for consistency. Sometimes I will add lime juice and half an avocado if I’m needing some good fat in my day. It’s surprisingly delicious. If I get one of those large English cucumbers, I make a huge smoothie with 2-3 bananas and larger pieces of turmeric and ginger and more spirulina. Then I parcel the smoothie out into jars and keep those jars in the freezer and just take them out in the morning so they are reasonably thawed for lunch.

These ingredients have a crazy amount of antioxidants and are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Try to smoothie-fy your day. Drink your greens…you can’t even taste spinach in a smoothie. Throw in some avocado, favorite fruits, carrots, celery, cinnamon, cacao nibs. Yum. Your body will love you back.

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