WOW…..legacies of neglect are powerful.  The best gift we can give them is to tell their stories.  I once told a seasoned therapist that our primary role as healers is to be a witness to other’s pain.  It was obvious he did not want to acknowledge this.  The collective burden in our society is to immediately judge others and give unsolicited advice.  Psycholobitch is about transcending this practice and allowing uninhibited expression.  Expression of pain and sorrow, expression of anger, and expressions of gratitude, love and joy.  This is our vision for Psycholobitch.

Now, let’s talk about this compulsion many well intended folks have to judge and give advice.  What is this about?  It’s bad therapy for sure, but what compels us to think we know what is best for others?  Perhaps many of us need to find relationships that will rewrite our histories.  Relationships where they risk vulnerability and have the courage to look deep within.  Perhaps exploring one’s own dysfunction is much more productive than judging anothers.

Psycholobitch urges our readers rethink the idea of pathology, and instead consider that poor choices are not always choices and issues triggered are simply opportunities.  We are creating a new collective here….one that honors women through validation and love.  Telling our OWN stories.  This is how we not only rebuild ourselves but chip away at the legacy of judgement.



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