Two Plus Two Equals Five

In 1984, George Orwell’s fucking depressing novel, one of the slogans by the Party that people were required to believe was that 2+2=5. Obviously, this is a blatant rejection of reality. But through total mindfucks and abject torture, the main character of the novel was made to believe. From Wikipedia: Orwell’s protagonist, Winston Smith, uses the phrase… Continue reading Two Plus Two Equals Five

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Dealing With the Fuckery of Bullies

Every morning, I’d get off the bus with a sense of dread in my 12-year-old heart. I’d zone out as I lifted my feet to navigate two floors of marble stairs. Once I visited my locker and shuffled to my homeroom, I’d sag into my chair, waiting. And Brad Drew would come. He’d kick me… Continue reading Dealing With the Fuckery of Bullies