Who We Are


We are women who wish to remain anonymous for many reasons; most importantly in order to say what we need to say. Because of this, you will have to set aside any skepticism and trust that we bring a wealth of education as well as personal experience to the table. We assure you that this leap of faith will enable you to experience an awakening in your life. We have had failures as well as successes in our relationships with men, women, coworkers, family, and friends.

We do not offer advice, but instead solid information as well as opportunities to do things differently. Our mission is to empower women with direct and honest communication without the social and/or political restraints often found in the real world (or a therapist’s office). We don’t hold back and firmly believe in reclaiming certain pejoratives such as BITCH, CUNT and WHORE. We believe when used by women effectively, they lose their power to suppress and lift us up instead.

This is a critical time in history Bitches, we must be prepared. We must confront, unite, and develop thicker skins. PSYCHOLOBITCH is about empowering women to do just this. Make no mistake, we love men. We love humanity in fact and choose to believe that all people are doing the best they can. We do think we all need to do better, and that people can either help or hinder our efforts. Regardless of intentions, the actions of ourselves and others must be closely examined. We strongly believe this must be done boldly, bluntly, and quickly.

Welcome to PSYCHOLOBITCH! We are excited about our mission as well as the potential for collective personal as well as social change. Our strategy is to work through opposing forces. To get to the love, we often need to express the hate. If you are easily offended, this may not be the place for you…..or maybe it is?